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4 Tips To Prepare For Your Dumpster Rental

Dumpster rental should be easy–and it is. But to ensure that your dumpster rental experience is a smooth one, follow these tips to prepare for the arrival of your dumpster. 

1. Clear the Space

Perhaps the most important part of preparing for your dumpster rental is clearing an actual physical space where the dumpster will go. To ensure that your dumpster has been placed in a good spot, look for a location that has the following qualities:

  • Firm Ground. Your dumpster needs to be placed in an area where the ground is firm and capable of supporting a heavy weight. While mud and dirt are generally poor surfaces for dumpster support, there are other surfaces where dumpsters should not be placed. Dumpsters can sink into new asphalt pavement, for example–especially when the weather is warm. Keep your dumpster off of a new driveway or newly paved road.
  • Easy Access. Clear an area for your dumpster that is relatively close the site where the garbage is being produced. 
  • Room to Open the Lid. Place your dumpster in a spot where there is room for the lid to open fully. 

2. Get Proper Permission

Different communities have different rules about dumpster rental. Some municipalities require residents to obtain special permission in order to rent or park a dumpster. In addition, some homeowners associations have rules and restrictions governing the use of dumpsters in front of personal residences. Your dumpster rental service may be able to direct you to the appropriate city agencies for obtaining permission, but will likely not be able to help with your homeowner’s association. To ensure that your dumpster rental is proper, legal, and hassle-free, do your due diligence and seek permission from the appropriate authorities. 

3. Familiarize Yourself with the Rules of Use

Before your dumpster arrives, familiarize yourself with the rules of use for your dumpster. Your dumpster company may limit or restrict the types of materials that you can throw away in your dumpster. Knowing this ahead of time will ensure that you have made appropriate accommodations, and that you have the resources you need to dispose of the materials that need to be thrown away. 

4. Confirm the Dates

Two or three days before your dumpster rental is scheduled to take place, contact the dumpster rental company and confirm the dates with a customer service representative. This will help you avoid miscommunications and ensure that your dumpster rental arrives on schedule.

For more information about the  ways that you can prepare for your dumpster rental, speak with a customer service representative from a dumpster rental company like Tri-State Disposal.

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