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Four Tips That Will Help You Choose The Best Solar Energy Improvements For Your Home

If you want to integrate renewable energy into the design of your home, solar energy is a great choice. There are a few different options when it comes to solar energy; grid-tied systems can help reduce your energy bills and still have service from your electrical company, off-grid systems can provide you with all the energy you need for your home, or you can have solar water heaters for heating or hot water.  Here are some tips that can help you make the best solar energy choices for your home:

1. Find The Best Real Estate For Installation Of Solar Systems

Any space around your home that has direct sunlight is valuable space. The south facing areas of your roof are great locations for solar panels. You can also use space in direct sunlight for PV solar panels to if you want a larger systems, and preserve a certain amount of roof top space to use for other systems such as a solar water heater. The water heater will perform the best on the roof, and PV panels work in arrays, so it is not as essential to have roof top space on your roof. You can also install PV panels in areas of your landscaping or on a fence line.

2. Choosing The Type Of PV Solar Panel Arrays To Use

There are many different types of PV solar panels that you can have installed on your home. If you want to install a grid-tied system, flexible panels will be a more aesthetic look. If you want to have an off-grid installation, you will probably want to have a more conventional array with racking. You can also have racking installed with an adjustable axis to allow the panels to be moved to get optimal direct sunlight.

3. Adding Solar Hot Water Heating To Your Solar Energy Design

While solar panels for electricity can be a great addition to your home, you may want to consider other solar energy solutions such as solar hot water heaters. Solar water heaters can also be used to help provide your home with heating, and reduce energy consumption for any heating system that you have installed on your home.

4. Improving Your Home With Low Electrical Consumption Improvements

Once you have chosen all the solar systems you want to have in your home, you also have the electrical systems installed. While many home appliances need to have an AC current, some things can use the DC current from batteries and panels. You can have things like alarm systems, doorbells and even DC lighting installed in your home to reduce the energy consumption. This is something that you will probably want to do if you want to install an off-grid system for your home.

These are some tips that you may want to consider when looking for the best solar systems for your home. If you need help with the design and installation of solar energy systems for your home, contact a solar installation company to get the help you need to improve your home with renewable energy.

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