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Attack Your Attic And Beat The Clutter With Simple Strategies

Is your attic a catchall for the clutter from the rest of your home? An attic should be reserved for seasonal storage and occasionally for sentimental items that you want to keep and eventually give away to someone special.

Keep the following in mind when clearing and organizing your attic:

Whittle down the clutter

Storage spaces typically are filled with three different types of items: active storage, seasonal storage, and dead storage. Dead storage is what comprises clutter, and is also what can be cleaned out to provide more ample storage room for your active and seasonal items.

More information about these three types of storage include:

  • Active storage is the stuff that you need to pull out and use fairly regularly. This may include cookware, reference books, or tools that you store for short, intermittent periods of time. These require convenient, accessible storage solutions.
  • Seasonal storage refers to the things that you use less frequently, such as holiday décor, seasonal apparel, and sporting goods. These should be stored but don’t need to be at-hand.
  • Dead storage are the things that you have not used within the past year, and that become clutter in your storage spaces. These are the things that need to be weeded and thinned out.

Clean-up the stairs.

The first step in clearing attic clutter is cleaning out under, on, and around the stairs that lead up to this space. Many times, it becomes a real chore to simply access the attic, which is why the clutter continues to take up valuable space in your home. Storing items on the stairs can pose a falling and injury risk, so avoid keeping things there.

Getting rid of clutter

Go ahead and give some of the items that you have saved for others to them now; they can enjoy the belongings longer, while you get to de-clutter your home’s attic. Donate a box or two to local thrift shops for valuable breaks at tax-time. Getting rid of your clutter becomes easier as you go; after you start to see progress, you may feel your motivation grow.

Get use from your things

How many times have you purchased something that you know you already have but that you simply can’t find or get your hands on when needed? The best approach is to use your things often; bring down Grandmother’s china from the attic and use it for family meals. Getting use of these things changes them from being dead storage to becoming active storage items, that you keep and use. If you find you don’t use things often, or ever, you can get rid of them.

Cleaning out the attic and getting rid of dead storage items is a great first step toward reducing the clutter in the home. This will make it far easier to store active and seasonal items, keeping them accessible and available to you when they are needed. You may be surprised at how the task of getting rid of things in the attic becomes easier as it goes along, and after you begin purging some of the clutter from your home. You can also work with a company like Kimberly’s Kleaning Service to keep your home clean and clutter-free.


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