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How To Use A Roll-Off Dumpster Safely

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Since roll-off dumpsters are large and are rolled off of a truck, they can be potentially dangerous if they are not used carefully. Don’t Overfill the Roll-off The roll-off dumpsters are only meant to be filled to the top of the container. Not only can overfilling a roll-off dumpster cause you to be fined, but you can also create a safety hazard. If an item is placed on top of a dumpster, it is likely to roll off. The typical maximum weight for a dumpster is 10 tons, but the weight can vary from dumpster to dumpster. This weight will allow for the dumpster to be legally transported on most roads. If you are performing a large-scale renovation project, you will probably need a dumpster that is 40 cubic yards. The dumpster should be loaded as evenly as possible...

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Before Throwing An Item Away, See If You Can Recycle It

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When you think about recycling, you probably think about cans, magazines, newspapers, grocery bags and more. However, there are plenty of other things that you can easily recycle as well. Much of the trash that you are throwing away in the trash can might be recyclable. Instead of throwing it away, you could do your part by recycling it and allowing it to be turned into something else that could be used by people around the world. Check out some of these unusual items that can be recycled. Eliminate your old CD collection. Today, more and more people are turning their CD collection into digital downloads. Instead of keeping a huge pile of CDs around the house, you can put everything on your computer or an external hard drive. While some people just throw them away, you can do...

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